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Stretch Tents come in a whole raft of sizes and colours, we can pretty much supply all the requirements that you need for your corporate event.

It doesn’t matter if you are catering for hundreds or thousands of people, Stretch Tents are adaptable and inter-chanagable. If you wish to add one to another its simple. Each one is designed to be watertight and can come with a guttering system so it does not matter how large you want to go, all those underneath will be dry.

If height is a must have we can cater to those requirements also. We have an extensive range of trussing which can be used to stabilise or add height to any structure. They’re perfect for lighting systems, screens and multi layered structures.

Over the years we have built relationships with local business in providing their clientelle with a dry and colourful outdoor area/facility. Being based in the UK we have mastered the art of providing for all weather fronts.


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