Level floor for stretch tents and marquees


Level floor for stretch tents and marquees

At Countryside we pride ourselves on providing level floors for our client..

This pictures shows what Countryside call a level floor. This client was advised by another marquee company that his garden was level and they would lay floor boards direct to the grass and that this would not damages the grass.. This is not true as floor boards laid to the grass even with a batten underneath will not allow the grass to breath but to just sweat and with a floor only been down for a few days the will discolour the grass and take time to recover.

As for been level as you will see from the picture we started with our steel floor on the grass and ended up just over a 600mm lift. The client been a builder had to check it and with a laser level across the floor, we where with in 10mm all away across the floor the client was very happy and glad he spent that little bit more as he could see where all his money was spent. In the clients words’ best money we spent, glad we didn’t just go on price’

So the moral is to understand what you are getting for your money and listen to the experts that advise you. We’re here to help and advise as it is your day and we will always do the best we can for your day. Remember your guests will see what we do on your day and we hope they will then ask you who produced the event and that you will recommend Countryside. Our work is our advert…

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